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No Rights to Intellectual Property While Under Government Contract

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Stephen Waque, a senior partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP with a leading practise in expropriation law, highlights the Federal Government’s position that contractors have no intellectual property rights to information obtained while under contract.

Eyes Wide Shut: IP Ownership and the Federal Government – The Government`s Default Position is that You Do Not Own the IP. Generally, the default position taken by the federal government is that it owns all “Intellectual Property” rights in the “Foreground Information” as soon as it comes into existence and that the contractor has no rights to the Foreground Information except as granted by the federal government.

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Stephen Waque is a senior partner with BLG and a founding director and past president of the Ontario Expropriation Association. He has more than 30 years experience in the practice of expropriation legislation and real estate law. Stephen is the author of New Law of Expropriation, a two-volume reference text that deals comprehensively with government acquisitions of real estate and business interests, and is considered an authority in Canada. For more information on Stephen Waque please visit

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